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Vex 5

What is Vex 5

Play Vex 5 game online for free. This is the best stickman game I have ever played, you will surely love it, add Vex 5 to your list of favorite games! In the 5th installment of this popular Vex game, can you survive the super-sharp spinning blades?

To survive help stickman pass through checkpoints and portals without getting hurt. It's very difficult to do this but I believe you can do it.

In terms of graphics, it's off the table, because Vex 5 is famous for its beautiful and smooth animations. Play and we know how you feel about this game?


How to play

Left arrow / A = Run left.
Right arrow / D = Run right.
Up arrow / W = Jump / Climb.
Down arrow / S = Descend, crouch, or slide while running.

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