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Cookie Clicker

What is Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker - one of the best idle clicker games, play for free online.

Spend endless hours of fun and entertainment with Cookie Clicker.

Easy to play:

  • Bake many cookies by tapping on the giant cookie. The faster you tap, the more you have cookies!
  • When you have enough cookies, head over to the shop and use them to buy ascents, each upgrade will help you make bake even faster!
  • Keep your browser and make cookies automatic after upgraded! Do not give up until becoming the Lord of Cookie Clicker.

Have two categories of upgrades:

  • Building: The buildings section includes different items that automatically create cookies: cursor, grandma, and more. The cost of items in the building increases incrementally.
  • Upgrade: Upgrades to increase your clicking rate and the number of cookies you create per click.


  • Idle clicking gameplay
  • Fantastic range of upgrades and research
  • Funny phrases and humorous gameplay

How to play

  • Left click on the cookie to make cookies
  • Left click to buy items of upgrade with menu items

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